Spirit of Christmas Award

Chloe O.
Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School, Fairy Meadow

Balthasar, Gaspar & Melchior 

“Then, opening their treasure chests they offered him gifts of gold frankincense and myrrh”, (Matthew 2:9-12). There is a deep personal connection between Matthew’s scripture and the Magi, that I have depicted in my artwork. The kings who presented Jesus with these precious gifts represent the three kings in my life; my father, grandfather and great grandfather. Since the day I was born they have enriched my life with precious gifts.
The Magi are thought to have journeyed from three different regions; Balthasar from Ethiopia, Gaspar from India and Melchior from Persia. The deep, rich colours of their garments and extravagant headpieces signify the power and influence these wise men had at the time of Jesus’ birth. My grandfather and great grandfather were both carpenters, which is why I chose to paint on timber. I joined three cutting boards together to create a triptych and used acrylic and pen. When I designed the pattern of Balthasar’s robe, I wanted to honour my Dad’s East African heritage as well as his artistic influence on me – he is passionate about painting, just as I have become.