Notre Dame Award

Alessandra C.
St Ambrose Catholic Primary School, Concord West

Journey to Bethlehem

The Biblical passage I chose was from the Gospel of Luke (Luke 2: 1-5).
It signifies the beginning of our Christian faith with the journey to Bethlehem and is also why I titled my artwork (Journey to Bethlehem).
One of the symbols that I have included in my artwork is the Star of Bethlehem in the night sky announcing the coming of Christ to the world. I also have Mary carrying flowers which symbolises she is ‘carrying’ the baby Jesus in her womb as she makes her way on a donkey to Bethlehem.
My research about women of that time of Mary, led me to give Mary a darker complexion. I drew her in cultural clothes with the accessories of that time also which contrasts with the standard images created of her throughout history.
In my artwork I used bright and soft tones. The brightness demonstrates the importance of the event and the soft delicate tones illustrate the gentleness of Mary and the situation she was in.
The materials I used were graphite pencil, aquarelles, pastels, Polychromos pencils, acrylic paint, gold and silver pens and crystals.