Journey Award – Year 5 

Grace W.
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Molong

Fear and Adventure

Terror struck! The Magi looked to the heavens for guidance and were drawn to Bethlehem by the sensational star that shone brightly over Jesus. To capture the rough terrain the Magi would face on their intriguing journey, I created a landscape painting set in an ancient time. The beaming blue and yellow sky with the divine white star represents the light of Jesus coming into this world and is a sign to all that Jesus is the light of the world. Aqua hills in the foreground symbolise the beginning of the adventure where they may have felt anxious. The dark, jagged hills signify difficult moments of the journey. Tthe smooth purple mountains in the background show the bravery of the Magi and the feeling of peace they would have at the end of their journey as they praise Jesus. I believe we need to have courage like the Magi; courage to dream and always have hope. The Magi were fearless which inspires me to never give up on my goals. Fear and adventure go hand in hand when you are following your dreams!

Christmas Story 2022 Grace W
Christmas Story Art Exhibition and Competition 2022