About Us

At Sydney Catholic Schools, we see students as more than just a number in an education system increasingly focused on test-based academics. We aim to inspire both minds and spirits, and to help students grow in an environment enhanced by strong moral values like kindness, generosity and hospitality.

Our main goal at all times is providing students with a rigorous, well-rounded education – and everything we do is enhanced by our moral traditions, the person of Jesus and the Catholic faith.

What we do

Sydney Catholic Schools is the governing body for 152 primary and secondary schools in the inner-west, south and east of Sydney. We work with Catholic systemic schools: low-fee primary and high schools where students can develop their faith while receiving an excellent education. These schools differ from congregational schools, which are independent and charge their own fees.
Our schools educate more than 70,000 students, and we provide support to help each of them thrive. We develop teaching and learning resources in consultation with principals and teachers, assist with operations as broad as finance and photography, and provide administrative support.

Our leadership team

Tony Farley is the Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools – he leads the Central Office in Leichhardt, as well as regional teams in the south, east and inner-west. Each of these regions have their own leadership team with a special focus on the needs of a particular area of Sydney.

Tony Farley and his team receive advice and support from The Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic Board. As well as providing leadership and overall direction, the board ensures Sydney Catholic Schools are held accountable for the management of our schools.