Please read the enrolment information in this section and request an enrolment form for the school or schools of your choice.

Any student is welcome at Sydney Catholic Schools, regardless of their background.

First, we must ensure that every Catholic child has the ability to attend their local Catholic school.

However we welcome all families prepared to respect our Catholic values and beliefs.

Sydney Catholic Schools are among the most sought after schools in the community, which is why it is highly beneficial to register an expression of interest as early as possible.

For our primary schools, the official enrolment period begins in March for the year ahead, while our secondary schools commence enrolments two years prior.

Enrolment is obtained by contacting the principal or enrolment secretary at the school during the formal enrolment period from March until the end of May.

Before an enrolment is finalised, parents/carers are usually interviewed by the principal or a delegated staff member. Documents required at this interview include:

  • the completed enrolment form,
  • birth certificate,
  • baptismal certificate,
  • immunisation statement,
  • any relevant medical records or health assessments, and
  • passport if you are newly arrived in Australia.

Secondary schools may require academic results or reports from the student’s previous school.

The processes and decision of enrolment are determined by the individual school based on the context of the parish and school community and in accordance with Sydney Catholic Schools’ Enrolment Policy.