Sydney Catholic Schools is rolling out a new comprehensive music education program in 2021 and seeks specialist teachers that hit all the right notes. Together, through music, they will help students learn numeracy, literacy and emotional skills.

God gave us song – now students in Sydney’s south-west are being given the instruments to empower them to shine. 

Sydney Catholic Schools’ (SCS) new Amadeus Music Education Program will be delivered in 13 SCS primary and secondary schools in the Auburn-Lakemba area, starting in Term 1, 2021.

Students in Year 3 to Year 7 will receive orchestral instruments and will participate in small group and ensemble music lessons delivered by specialist teachers. 

Jessica Newey

Jessica Newey performs with her band The Usual Suspects. Photo: supplied

SCS primary school teacher, Jessica Newey from St John Vianney Catholic Primary School Greenacre, can’t wait to see this exciting and comprehensive program delivered in her school.

“Our students are really excited about receiving their own instrument,” said Ms Newey, who will teach the Amadeus Music Education Program next year. 

Affording a music tutor for their child can be a struggle, or even an impossible dream, for some parents.

“Having lessons at school makes it more accessible for students,” Ms Newey said.

“It’s an amazing experience that they may never get otherwise. It’s definitely a first for our students. 

“The investment into this program is unheard of – it’s really leading the way in what music education should look like and it’s inspiring.”

Jessica Newey

Jessica Newey from St John Vianney Primary Greenacre. Photo: supplied

Benefits of music

Research shows that music:

  • Boosts brain power
  • Promotes wellbeing
  • Improves language and maths skills, memory and coordination

Ms Newey has seen with her own students the benefits of a classroom music education, including how it builds confidence. 

“Some students who excel in music don’t realise they have that talent – they’re tapping into potential that they didn’t know they had,” Ms Newey observed. 

She said the most rewarding part of her role was “creating a safe space for everyone, where students are comfortable to perform.” 

“Music is a really important thing to introduce in schools, and putting it at the forefront of a good education,” Ms Newey said. 

“I am really excited to be a part of this program and to see what it turns into. 

“I enjoy creating an environment where the students can come to music as a place of enjoyment and where they can connect with one another.

“Music might not be for everyone, but it is giving students an opportunity to ‘give it a go’.” 


Sydney Catholic Schools is enrolling now. Click here to find your closest Sydney Catholic school and to start your child’s learning journey.