Instructional Leader: Philosophy
St Mary’s Cathedral College, Sydney
Commencement Date: Term 1, 2023
Closing Date: Sunday, 9 October 2022

About Sydney Catholic Schools

Catholic schools have been delivering excellence in education to Sydney school students for 200 years. Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) continues to be a thriving and growing contemporary educational community with over 150 schools, more than 71,000 students, 10,000 staff and a large alumni community.

About the College

One of 150 schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney, St Mary’s Cathedral Catholic College is situated in one of the great cities of the world. Adjacent to St Mary’s Cathedral and central to the city landscape, St Mary’s Cathedral College provides an education that utilises the arts of the city, and in particular music.

A new direction where students can utilise the city’s history and cultural enterprises will provide a unique opportunity to fully engage students in the exploration and love of learning. Utilising New Pedagogies for Deep Learning and an integrated Liberal Arts education, enhanced by the city enterprise, students and staff will provide an extraordinary learning platform. Students develop critical thinking strategies that prepare them for post school pathways and the complexities of an international world beyond school.

About You

The Instructional Leader: Philosophy forms part of the middle leadership team. The position is co-responsible with the Pastor, Principal and other Catholic lay leaders for the evangelising and catechising mission of the Church within an educational context. Reporting to the Dean of Liberal Arts, the Instructional Leader: Philosophy plays a vital role in ensuring that the SCS values of empathy, excellence, truth, curiosity and collaboration are drivers for establishing a thriving Catholic community.

The Instructional Leader: Philosophy is responsible for leading schoolwide excellence in a Liberal Arts approach to pedagogy, curriculum and assessment practices and supporting the implementation of new pedagogies for learning in Philosophy. The Instructional Leader: Philosophy is an exemplary practitioner who builds the capacity of teachers to deliver excellent student outcomes

To be considered for this role, you must have experience demonstrating that you can deliver in the following areas:

  • promoting and implementing Sydney Catholic Schools’ mission and vision; To know and love Christ through learning, and thriving Catholic communities through excellent teaching and learning
  • supporting the leadership of a school-wide culture of excellence, informed decision-making, and collaborative practice
  • working with the leadership team in implementing a range of improvement strategies to ensure effective strategic change
  • actively promoting the integration of Catholic values and Catholic Social Teaching across the curriculum
  • ensuring consistency of teaching practice and shared teacher judgement drives assessment
  • developing and implementing a Philosophy in School Program, facilitating philosophical approaches across the curriculum in years 3-12
  • demonstrating exemplary philosophical practice across the curriculum informed by contemporary educational research
  • cultivating a contemporary and effective learning culture
  • developing and implementing effective and evidence-based professional learning to build pedagogical approaches that promote philosophical inquiry
  • leading and collaborating within a culture of ongoing growth and improvement
  • demonstrating organisational, management and leadership skills
  • analysing data and trends within the school to identify areas for growth
  • actively promoting the relationship between student wellbeing and learning growth
  • contributing to a ‘network approach’ that promotes the reciprocal benefits of school system partnerships in the specific curriculum area
  • experience in leading staff in professional learning
  • demonstrated success in improving student outcomes and implementing school-wide initiatives
  • experienced in using data analysis to inform educational initiatives
  • demonstrated ability to articulate contemporary educational and/or commercial trends in local and international contexts
  • demonstrated organisational, management and leadership skills.

You will have attained the following:

  • must be a qualified teacher and accredited with NESA at the Proficient level or higher
  • Category C Accreditation per the Accreditation to Work, Teach and Lead in Sydney Catholic Schools policy or working towards
  • strong teaching capability proven through meeting all aspects of the proficient teacher in the Australian Professional Standards and operating at the level of a highly accomplished/lead teacher per the NESA teaching standards (although they may not formally hold this accreditation). 


  • a Postgraduate degree in Education or another discipline
  • a current driver’s licence
  • is a Baptised Catholic with demonstrated evidence of ongoing commitment to the teachings of the Catholic Church and engagement in the life of a Catholic faith community such as a parish or an established community within the Catholic Church, as an expression of their relationship with Jesus Christ. 


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To complete the application process you will need to attach:

Working With Children Check (WWCC)
This role is classified as child-related work and therefore requires a WWCC clearance prior to commencement of employment.

To know and love Christ through learning.

Thriving Catholic communities through excellent teaching and learning.

Truth, empathy, excellence, curiosity, and collaboration.

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