For Parents

“Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney are called to support parents in their role as the primary educators of their children”

The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools Archdiocese of Sydney

The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Sydney recognises parents as their child’s primary educators and important partners in their learning journey. This recognition is founded on the belief that when schools, families and communities work together in partnership; student learning and wellbeing is enhanced and school communities are strengthened.

The Sydney Catholic Schools’ works closely with its key stakeholders – regional offices, local school communities, parent groups and the NSW Council of Catholic School Parents (NSW CCSP) – to establish strong connections that encourage and support a deeper understanding of ways to connect learning at school and at home.

Sydney Catholic Schools also acknowledges our schools and families are part of the broader Catholic community, and supports initiatives that connect home, parish and school.

Support for school parent groups

Sydney Catholic Schools, through its Professional Officer: Parent and Community Engagement, offers support to school parent groups which have been established to support local school communities in the Archdiocese of Sydney. The most important resource for school parent groups is model constitution for parent groups.

For questions relating to school parent groups please use the ‘Contact Us‘ form.



  • Term 1
    Tuesday, 29 January (Staff)
    Wednesday, 30 January (Students) – Friday, 12 April
  • Term 2
    Monday, 29 April – Friday, 5 July
  • Term 3
    Monday, 22 July – Friday, 27 September
  • Term 4
    Monday, 14 October – Friday, 20 December


  • Term 1
    Tuesday, 28 January (Staff)
    Wednesday, 29 January (Students) – Thursday, 9 April
  • Term 2 
    Monday, 27 April – Friday, 3 July
  • Term 3
    Monday, 20 July – Friday, 25 September
  • Term 4
    Monday, 12 October – Friday, 18 December

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