Entry Criteria

  1. The Clancy Prize Exhibition is open to all Sydney’s Catholic secondary schools including both systemic and congregational.
  2. Works will not be accepted without a completed Artist Statement and Conditions of Entry signed by the College Principal, Art Teacher, Student and Parent/Guardian.
  3. All works submitted must meet the following criteria as stated in these guidelines to be accepted into the exhibition. This includes submission of works from students who completed Yr 12 in the previous year.
  4. Students and ex-students cannot submit works directly into the exhibition without school approval.

Student, parent and guardian enquiries about artworks, delivery and pick-up arrangements will be directed to the Art co-ordinator of the school.

The Artworks

Each secondary school is invited to submit up to 3 artworks per student selected from Years 7-12 (including Year 12, 2015).

  • All pieces are to comply with current HSC requirements for weight, and size and suitability for showcase events.
  • Artworks may be in any media specified in the BOSTES Syllabus including video, web-based artwork, sculpture, painting, printmaking and photography.
  • The Committee will use its discretion in the display of all works. Given the limited hanging space in the gallery, an entire body of work may not necessarily be displayed.
  • For the 2016 exhibition schools are encouraged to explore 3D and 4D works. Works in new media, installations and collaborative works are also encouraged.
  • Each artwork must be clearly labelled with the student’s name, school, teacher contact name and telephone number.

The preparation of Artworks

Schools are responsible for the professional presentation of each work. The ACU McGlade Gallery is equipped with an adjustable hook hanging system and no nails or screws can be put in the walls. Please refer to the following instructions and the attached diagrams for the preparation of works for hanging. The committee will use its discretion in the case of works that arrive with no secure hanging system attached. D-rings or Eye-hooks are available from Art Basics, on Victoria Road, Ryde and most picture framers or hardware stores.

If a work consists of more than five pieces it is requested that it be assembled prior to submission. For works with five or less pieces schools are asked to supply a diagram or photograph to ensure that the pieces are assembled and displayed as intended.

Two-Dimensional Works

  • Unframed works on paper (drawings, paintings, prints, photographs etc) may be firmly mounted on foam core board / heavyweight card or window mounted, and backed using heavyweight mount board.
  • Framed work and stretched canvases must have secured D-rings affixed with screws to each end on the back. For works greater than 50cm in height, D-Ring must be at least 10cm from top. For works less than 50cm in height the D-Rings must be affixed 5cm from top.
  • Unstretched canvases/textiles must be secured to a dowel rod and have D-rings affixed with screws/super-glue or eye-hooks at each end (as per sample shown on the diagram below).

instructions-for-preparing-canvases for Clancy-price-2017

Three-Dimensional Works

  • Sculpture and installation works must have clear display instructions included, and be stable and professionally presented.

Four Dimensional Works

  • The ACU McGlade Gallery can provide basic equipment for video and web-based artworks. Teachers wishing to submit works in these media should contact Diane Merrilees, ACU Technical Officer, on (02) 9701 4140 before Friday 26 February 2017, to ensure that the equipment is available.

For any questions please contact Debbie Fenton at the SCS Sydney on (02) 9568 8101 or 0419 302 458 debbie.fenton@syd.catholic.edu.au or email rel.art@syd.catholic.edu.au for any queries in regards to the exhibition.