Frequently Asked Questions: Registration Process

Where to access documents

1. Where can I find the Registration to Teach application form?

Click on this link and follow the ‘Application Process’.

2. Where can I find the Registration to Work application form?

The Registration to Work application form is only made available to schools upon request. Preferred applicants can obtain a copy of the application form from the school that has offered employment.

3. I am having trouble scanning my application. Can I mail/post my application to you instead?

All applications must be emailed to We are unable to guarantee receipt of applications sent via mail.

Register to Teach/Register to Work application process

4. What documents do I need to submit if I want to Register to Teach?

Please use the document titled ‘How to Apply – Procedure to submit a complete Registration to Teach application’ on the Registration to Teach Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) webpage as a checklist to ensure all the relevant supporting documents are attached to your application.

If your application is incomplete, it will be returned to you and you will be asked to resubmit your application.

5. What documents do I need to submit if I want to Register to Work?

You may obtain the Registration to Work application forms from the school that has offered you employment. We also require the following documents to be sent with your application: Proof of ID (Copy of passport OR drivers licence and birth certificate), Banking form, tax file declaration form and superannuation form.

6. I have previously worked with Sydney Catholic Schools. Do I need to submit my application with all supporting documentation again?

If your PHRIS ID number / EMP ID is inactive and your would like to re-register to teach, you must submit your complete application along with all supporting documentation attached.

7. How do I re-register to teach with Sydney Catholic Schools?

You can re-register by completing the application to teach form available on the ‘Registration to Teach‘ SCS webpage.

Please ensure you note your previous SCS Pin / Employee ID number on the application form and/or tick YES to previously being employed with the SCS.

8. Does my application or supporting documents need to be certified?

No. SCS only requires copies of your documents. They do not need to be certified by a Justice of the Peace.

9. The attachments/files are too big and I am having difficulty sending my application in one email. What can I do?

Try saving the PDF documents in a lower resolution and sending your application as a zipped folder.

If necessary, you may submit your application in more than one email. Please ensure you follow the instructions on how to name each attachment detailed in the ‘How to Apply’ document to ensure no attachments are missed.

Please do not embed any attachments into the email or submit attachments via shared Google drives or Google cloud.

Banking/Tax/Superannuation forms

10. Where can I find the banking/tax/superannuation forms?

The Banking/tax/superannuation forms can be accessed from the Registration to Teach SCS webpage. They are located under the ‘Key documents’ section.

11. Do I have to choose one of the 3 Superannuation funds listed on the form or can I nominate my own?

You must choose from one of the 3 superannuation funds listed on the superannuation form itself. Please refer to the current Enterprise Agreement for further information.

12. I only have to re-register with the SCS. Do I really need to resubmit my banking/tax/superannuation forms again if my details have not changed?

If it has been less than 12 months since you last worked with SCS (and there have been no legislation/policy/system changes), you will not need to resubmit your forms.

However, you will need to state in your re-registration application that your banking/tax/superannuation details have not changed since you last worked with SCS.

13. I have completed my tax form correctly. Why was it returned to me?

You will be asked to amend your tax declaration form if you have;

  • not responded to a question (most commonly 9b is left unanswered)
  • not provided your TFN on the form itself
  • filled the form using a pen other than blue/black ink
  • not signed and/or dated the form or the signatures on the rest of your application do not match your tax declaration form.

14. Why am I being taxed at a higher rate?

You will be taxed at a higher rate if SCS is your primary income employer and;

  • You have not submitted your TFN form and/or,
  • You have ticked ‘No’ in Section 8 of your tax form

NESA Accreditation

15. What documents do I need to submit?

If you were accredited by NESA between 2004 – 4 Jan 2015, you must submit a copy of your teacher summary report.

If you were accredited by NESA from 5 Jan 2015 onwards, you must submit a copy of you teacher summary report AND a copy of your Statement of Accreditation.

If you were an ‘Existing teacher’ and were automatically granted Proficiency by NESA in Jan 2018, please submit a copy of your teacher summary report and/or the email sent by NESA confirming your Proficiency.

16. My NESA accreditation status currently is ‘TAA decision required’ or my NESA membership is listed as ‘leave of absence/suspended’, will this affect my Registration with the SCS?

Yes, your registration will be denied until you reactivate your NESA membership and/or your accreditation status is approved by NESA.

All New Scheme teachers are required to be active members of NESA and be currently accredited by NESA in order to Register or re-register to teach with the SCS.

Working With Children Check

17. I have paid the $80 fee and have a receipt. Can I submit my RTT / RTW Application with this document attached?

No. You must submit your WWCC clearance number for paid employment (usually starts with WWC… and ends in E). The receipt does not contain your clearance number. We do not accept application numbers (starts with APP…) in lieu of your WWCC clearance number.

Statement of Service

18. Why was I asked to resubmit my Statement of Service? What information does a Statement of Service contain?

Applicants are asked to resubmit their Statements of Service if the statement they have provided does not include the information the SCS requires. A Statement of Service must be obtained from the Employer and state the following:

  • Position title
  • Start date and termination date of each teaching position held at the school (DD/MM/YY)
  • Specify if the role was full-time or part-time; if part-time, specify the number of hours per day you worked or full-time equivalent FTE
  • Specify the total number of casual days completed (if applicable)
  • Specify the total number of days taken as leave without pay (if applicable)

19. I have previous industry experience, can I still request for this professional work to be considered?

Unfortunately, other industry experience is not recognised by the Enterprise Agreement 2017.

20. I have taught overseas, do I need to include Statements of Service for my teaching service completed overseas?

Yes, Enterprise agreement 2017 allows for the recognition of overseas teaching service for progression through the standards classification structure.
For the overseas service to be eligible for recognition, the service must have occurred in a recognized primary or high school for students between the ages of 5-18. This service must have occurred in a country where the teacher education qualifications, such as a university degree, are recognized by NESA as equivalent to qualifications from an Australian University.
Service will be recognized only in cumulative years of full-time equivalent teaching service. Any remaining incomplete or part years of service after the teacher reaches their final complete year of full-time equivalent overseas service will not be recognized.


21. I am still studying and am unable to include a copy of my final transcript. What do I do?

You will need to contact your Student Centre to obtain a copy of your most recent Academic transcript. We do not necessarily require your Final Academic Transcript, but your most recent transcript. This must list the name of the course you are enrolled in, the units you have completed and your grades, and list the units you are currently enrolled in chronological order.

22. I am a student in my final year; will you accept a copy of my Online report – Academic results instead of my transcript?

No. We require official academic transcripts from your University. We do not accept online reports or online printouts of your results summary in lieu of your official academic transcript.

23. Do you need my entire Practicum report booklet?

No. We only need evidence of the number of days you have completed in your practicum, i.e. a minimum of 20 days completed and a copy of your supervisor’s comments. This usually equates to the first 2 pages of your practicum report and the page that contains your supervisor’s comments.

If your University does not list the dates/days of your practicum, please submit at least 2 practicum reports containing the aforementioned pages only.

24. Can I submit my online transcript if I am enrolled in a Bachelor or Post-graduate degree but have decided to exit the course with a Certificate or Diploma instead?

No. You must submit an official academic transcript that clearly lists the course you are completing and the subsequent units you have completed towards this course. If you submit an online transcript that states you are enrolled in a Bachelor degree and have completed X no. of units, we will accept this document as evidence of you being enrolled in a Bachelor degree.

Additional questions

25. The Department of Education (DET) takes approximately 4-8 weeks to issue a Statement of Service. Do I need to wait until I receive this before I submit my application?

If you are unable to submit your Statement of Service, you can email and request to process your application based ONLY on your submitted documents. You can then send us your Statement of Service once you have received it, at which point you can request to be reclassified. Please note that it is your responsibility to provide your Statement of Service in order to be reclassified as failing to provide this document will impact your classification.

26. I want to teach Religious Education. Where do I note that in my application?

Please tick YES to question 1 in Section 6 (page 7).

*Further information regarding the RE Accreditation process can be obtained from either viewing the RE Accreditation webpage ( or by emailing all relevant enquiries to

27. I am qualified to teach in a Secondary school but want to teach in a Primary school. Is this possible?

Yes, however it is up to the discretion of the School that employs you.

28. I am qualified to teach in a Primary school but want to teach in a Secondary school. Is this possible?

No. You will need to complete further study in order to teach in a Secondary school.

29. A school is willing to offer me casual work if I have my Employee ID number. What can I do to get this number quickly?

If you receive an offer of employment and are yet to submit your Registration to Teach application: Note the name of the school that has offered you employment in your email and on the application form (page 2) and your application will be prioritised.

If you receive an offer of employment after submitting your Registration to Teach application: Email with the name of the school that has offered you employment. Once we verify this offer of employment, we will expedite your application. If possible, include the name and contact details of the School employee that has offered you employment.

30. How long does it take to get my Employee ID number?

It normally takes approximately 2-4 weeks to process a complete application. However, this might increase during high volume periods. During high volume periods, priority is given to those applicants who have already been appointed to positions with the SCS schools.

31. What teaching roles are in demand right now?

Please view advertised positions on the SCS website and to ascertain which roles are in demand right now.

32. If I do not know a lawyer, doctor or JP and am unable to supply a Parish Priest reference, who else can I nominate?

You may nominate a previous employer who is willing to be a character reference for you.

For any further enquiries regarding the Registration and/or Reclassification process, please email