Below is a summary of the key leadership groups within the Sydney Catholic Schools:

The Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) Board was established in 2017 by the Archbishop of Sydney as the governing board of SCS Ltd as trustee for the Sydney Catholic Schools Trust which came into operation on January 1, 2018. The Board provides leadership and overall strategic direction to ensure the existence of “an effective system of education at all levels which contributes to the total educational needs of young people in Catholic schools.” (‘The Catholic School’, Rome, 1977, p9)

The SCS Board makes major policy decisions, approves the income and expenditure budget, and holds the Executive Director and Leadership Team accountable for the management of the school system.

The SCS Board is supported by three subcommittees:

  • Audit and Risk
  • Catholic Identity and Mission
  • Teaching and Learning

The members of the Board and its subcommittees are appointed by the Archbishop of Sydney, and come from all sections of the Catholic community.


  • Bishop Anthony Randazzo, Chair
  • Rev Dr Gerald Gleeson, Vicar General
  • Rev Fr Michael McLean, Episcopal Vicar for Education
  • Ms Anna Dickinson
  • Ms Clare Baxter
  • Ms Loretta Di Mento
  • Ms Yolanda Chorazyczewski
  • Mr Anthony Lane
  • Dr Dominic McLoughlin
  • Prof Hayden Ramsay
  • Mr Michael Digges
  • Mr Stephen Newton
  • Mrs Jacqueline Frost, Company Secretary

The Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools has responsibility for the day-to-day operation of more than 150 schools, as well as the SCS central and regional offices. The Executive Director is responsible to the Archbishop of Sydney. Mr Tony Farley was appointed to the role in 2019 after the retirement of Dr Dan White who served in the position for over a decade.

The Sydney Catholic Schools Leadership Team is made of the Directors from the Central Office at Leichhardt and the three Regional Offices (Southern, Eastern and Inner Western). It meets regularly and makes decisions on important policies and initiatives. It is chaired by the Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools and reports to the SCS Board.

Sydney Catholic Schools has eight Directors. Each Director has responsibility for a specific area of operation. The eight directorates are:

  1. Office of the Executive Director
  2. Religious Education and Evangelisation
  3. Teaching and Learning
  4. Human Resources
  5. System Stewardship
  6. Southern Region
  7. Eastern Region
  8. Inner Western Region

Directors are responsible to the Executive Director of Catholic Schools.

Regional Consultants provide mentorship and support to school Principals. Each Consultant manages a cluster of schools within his/her region. Regional Consultants are responsible to their Regional Director.

School Principals have charge of the day-to-day operations at their school. They provide leadership, mentorship and support to students and staff, and have overall responsibility for the school’s teaching and learning, as well as the school’s many other programs. Principals are responsible to their Regional Director through their Regional Consultant.

Heads of Service within Sydney Catholic Schools manage a specific area of the system’s operation. Each Head of Department is responsible to their Director.