Guidelines, Frameworks and Position Papers

Guidelines, Frameworks and Position Papers articulate a coherent structure designed to support an area of work or approach within Sydney Catholic Schools. These documents vary in their structure and appearance and are designed, not to mandate behaviour or procedure (as does policy), but to recognise that there are many different ways in which the underlying principles could be fulfilled and that the most appropriate approach is determined contextually.

The implementation of position papers, guidelines and frameworks are discretionary providing there is a congruence with the structure and underlying principles. Brochures are publications, often in support of a policy, which are produced to give the Sydney Catholic Schools community an overview of the key intention or procedures in a particular area.

AborIginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategic Plan 2014-2018

This Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategic Plan 2014-2018 sets out the direction for Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) to meet the challenges of an environment of strong growth and community needs. It communicates a transformational and achievable approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education for SCS. [Type: Strategic Plan] [open pdf]

Compulsory Student Attendance

This brochure outlines for parents the nature of compulsory student attendance as mandated by law and the associated procedures for Sydney Catholic schools. [Type: brochure] [open pdf]

The Early Learner

This Operational Position Paper provides a stimulus for assisting educators in the Archdiocese of Sydney to prepare the groundwork for the cognitive and moral maturity of the students in our care. [Type: position paper] [open pdf]

English as an Additional Language or Dialect K-12

This English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) Position Paper guides Principals, Leadership Teams and school communities in their response to educating students with a language background other than English. [Type: position paper] [open pdf]

Photography on school Sites

School photography information for school leaders and school staff [open pdf]
School photography guidelines for Parents and Carers [open pdf]

Enrolment Policy Parent Brochure

This brochure contains a summary of the Enrolment Policy for systemic Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Sydney. [Type: guideline brochure frameworks position paper] [open pdf]

Gifted Education K-12

This position paper is intended to be a resource for Principals and school communities in responding to the educational needs of students identified as gifted. [Type: position paper] [open pdf]

Jesus Christ: The Heart of the Matter

This framework provides a overview of adult faith formation which enables an encounter with Christ through ‘being human’, ‘being disciple’ and ‘being church’. [Type: faith formation framework] [open pdf]

Literacy K-12

This Position Paper provides a K-12 perspective for literacy teaching and learning across the curriculum for schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney. It provides a foundation for system-wide understanding of informed practice and a framework for the development of whole-school planning. [Type: position paper] [open pdf]

Parent Charter for Sydney Catholic Schools

As welcoming and inclusive communities, Sydney Catholic schools encourage two-way communication with parents. So that this communication can take place in a respectful and meaningful way, this charter outlines a number of guidelines when communicating with their child’s school: [Type: Parent charter] [open pdf]

Pathways 2017: A Catholic educatIon from Kindergarten to Year 12

This booklet will guide you through the process of choosing a Catholic systemic Secondary college, and answer some frequently-asked questions. It explains how to select a college, how to help your child cope with the Primary to Secondary transition and the criteria for Secondary enrolment. It also contains details of all the Secondary systemic colleges in the Archdiocese of Sydney, including their official ‘feeder’ schools. [Type: brochure] [open pdf]

Privacy Collection Notices

Standard Collection Notice [Type: collection notice] [open pdf]

Alumni Collection Notice [Type: collection notice] [open pdf]

Contractor/Volunteer Collection Notice [Type: collection notice] [open pdf]

Employment Collection Notice [Type: collection notice] [open pdf]

Quality Assessment in Sydney Catholic Schools

The purpose of this framework is to provide a structure for schools to engage in the process of creating and critiquing assessment policies, practices and a whole school approach which promote excellence in learning. It identifies the principles of assessment and defines quality assessment practices for Sydney Catholic schools. [Type: framework] [open pdf]

Reading Recovery

These guidelines have been developed to ensure that Reading Recovery is implemented to best serve the particular Catholic context of Sydney Catholic schools.[Type: guidelines] [open pdf]

Research in Sydney Catholic Schools

This site outlines the guidelines to conduct research in Sydney Archdioscean Catholic Primary and Secondary Schools under the jurisdiction of Sydney Catholic Schools. [Type: guidelines] [open pdf]

Student Acceptable Use Agreement 2018

This policy informs parents and students of the schools’ expectations when students are using devices and services whether provided by the school or BYOD, and when using their personal equipment to communicate to or about members of the wider school community. [Type: Student Agreement] [open pdf]

Vocational Education and Training in Sydney Catholic Schools

This Position Paper is intended as a resource to support the Sydney Catholic Schools and school communities in responding to the Vocational Education and Training (VET) needs of students. Its purpose is to provide direction for the strategic development of VET in Catholic schools. [Type: position paper] [open pdf]

Working Together: Anti-bullying in Sydney Catholic Schools

All partners in Catholic education share a joint responsibility to identify and address bullying behaviour. This brochure is to be read in conjunction with the SCS Anti-Bullying Policy and provides a framework for school communities to work together to prevent and address issues of student bullying. [Type: brochure] [open pdf]

Working Together: Resolution of Complaints Policy

Within the reality of the schooling experience, it is recognised that, from time to time, misunderstandings and differences of opinion will occur, and that these need to be resolved satisfactorily. This parent brochure outlines a process for addressing such matters within a framework of dignity and respect. [Type: brochure] [open pdf]