Executive Director – Tony Farley

Tony Farley assumed the position of Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools in April 2019, following the retirement of Dr Dan White.

Mr Farley comes to Sydney Catholic Schools with a deep knowledge and understanding of the church and its school systems, and looks forward to working in collaboration with school communities in seeking excellence in teaching and learning, and acting as ambassadors for the gospel.

He views Jesus Christ’s call as one grounded in human dignity, solidarity and love, and His message and way of living as more relevant now than ever.

Prior to his appointment at Sydney Catholic Schools Mr Farley spent over a decade as Executive Director of the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER), an organisation that represents and advises Catholic employers on human resources and employment relations.

For over 25 years, Mr Farley has helped workplaces that prioritise human dignity and justice nurture their employees and manage complex relationships with stakeholders. He has focused on ensuring that Catholic workplaces in particular are future-proof environments that encourage autonomy, accountability and value, and that organisations have fair and balanced relationships with their employees.

A former member of the Sydney Catholic Schools SACS board, he has considerable experience ensuring teachers and educators have the time and resources necessary so that they and their students can experience success.

Mr Farley has also worked as director of the Archbishop of Sydney’s 2020 project, focusing on re-invigorating Sydney’s 136 Catholic parishes and building connections around and between them. He is passionate about constructing vibrant communities on the foundation of the traditions of the Catholic church.

Mr Farley regularly writes and speaks on social and political issues and has contributed to publications including The Australian, The Guardian, The Catholic Weekly and Education HQ.

A lifelong learner, he combined his interests in policy, communication and education to establish the Bishop Manning Lecture as the leader of CCER, inviting prominent Australians to speak on issues related to human dignity, community and justice.

He holds qualifications from The Australian National University, the University of Canberra, the University of Sydney and the University of NSW and in 2014 completed the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship at the Centre for Ethical Leadership.