Road Safety and Driver Education Policy


1.0 Purpose and Scope

This policy has been drafted to seek to reduce the rate and severity of road / public transport incidents involving students. It supports the delivery of effective road safety and driver education programs within Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) to educate participants as to how to prevent road or public transport incidents involving students, staff or visitors within school grounds and on public roads.

This policy is intended to guide use of the funding provided by the NSW government (Transport for NSW) for the purpose of delivering effective road safety and driver education in Sydney Catholic Schools.

2.0 Principles and Responsibilities

2.1 Principals will ensure;

2.1.1. Staff have access to regular road safety and driver education professional development provided by the SCS Road Safety Education Advisor.

2.1.2. Road safety and driver education is embedded within the school’s K-12 PDHPE teaching and learning programs, and delivered to students at an age-appropriate level.

2.1.3. A whole-school approach to road safety.

2.1.4. Risk assessments are conducted on road safety both in the roads directly around their schools and as a part of any off-site excursion, and any critical incidents are reported in line with the SCS Critical Incidents Management Policy.

2.2 The Learning Growth team will:

2.2.1.  Develop road safety and driver education programs and deliver related professional development for school staff on a regular basis. 

2.2.2. Promote road safety through regular communications (e.g. SCS Newsline).

2.2.3. Collaborate with government agencies on road safety initiatives and promotions and communicate these to schools.

2.3 School staff will manage student road safety in line with all risk assessments undertaken by the school.

2.4 PDHPE staff will deliver road safety and driver education programs as part of the PDHPE syllabus.

2.5 Student Wellbeing professionals will support road safety and driver education programs as needed, particularly for students in 11-12 (where PDHPE is an elective).

3.0 Explanatory Notes and Definitions

The following definitions apply for the purpose of this policy:

3.1 Road safety and driver education programs are educational activities that promote the safe use of roads by school students. Within this context, SCS encourages a holistic approach that includes road awareness, different road users (i.e. pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles) and positive driving behaviours.

4.0 Supporting Documents

5.0 Procedures

5.1. Policy Number: TL201902
5.2. Document Rescinds / Replaces: N/A
5.3. Released: 18 November 2019
5.4. Review by: November 2022
5.5. Document Owner: Education and Research Directorate
5.6. Enquiries: Strategy, Policy and Governance Team on (02) 9568 8115 / 0436 816 021

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