Privacy notice for transition to a new student information system

We are moving to a centralised digital information management system – what this means for your personal information

Catholic schools in NSW, ACT, Tasmania and QLD are transitioning to a centralised digital student information management and storage platform called Compass and a centralised digital storage system called CeD3. Compass is owned and operated by a third party service provider (JDLF International) and CeD3 is owned and operated by the Catholic Education Network (CEnet).

CEnet is owned by the dioceses. This transition will create efficiencies for Catholic schools in managing the information relating to students, enhancing the ability of schools to manage student welfare and support students in their learning, providing parents and guardians with immediate access to more information about their students, and assisting the provision of quality education to students.

As part of this transition, personal information about students, parents and guardians will be moved from the School’s local information systems to Compass. All personal information transferred or inputted into Compass will also be stored in CeD3. Access may be granted to students, parents and guardians to enable them to update certain personal information online in Compass through the parent and student portals. The primary purpose of the collection of this information by the School remains the same, that is, to enable the School to provide schooling to students enrolled at the school, exercise its duty of care, and perform necessary associated administrative activities, which will enable students to take part in all the activities of the School.

The information transferred and inputted into Compass and CeD3 will be stored in Australia.

There will be no change to the information access rights in Compass and CeD3 from the School’s current information system. This includes:

  1. staff at the School who need to access the personal information for the purpose of educational, administrative and support purposes;
  2. people providing educational, support and health services to the School, including specialist visiting teachers, sports coaches, volunteers, and counsellors;
  3. the student about whom the personal information relates (the School may give them access to their information through an online student portal in Compass);
  4. the student’s parents or guardians, who may have access via an online parent portal in Compass;
  5. if a student enrols in a new school, the staff at the new school who need to access certain personal information for the purpose of educational, administrative and support purposes. A student’s personal information will not otherwise be accessible by other schools, and will be separated in Compass and CeD3 from personal information about students enrolled at other schools; and
  6. external parties providing administrative, financial and other services to the School, including diocesan office personnel who provide specialist support.

The personal information in Compass will also be accessible by:

  1. JDLF International, for the purpose of providing Compass, including technical support; and
  2. CEnet, for the purpose of moving the information from Compass to CeD3 and to provide support to the dioceses, in accordance with their contractual obligations.

CeD3 will also hold personal information collected from sources other than Compass. CEnet will continue to have access to the personal information from Compass when it is held in CeD3 as well as information collected from other sources and held in CeD3.

In addition, the personal information may also be disclosed to others as detailed in the privacy collection notice provided to you on enrolment and the School’s Privacy Policy accessible on the School’s website.

The School’s Privacy Policy also sets out how parents and guardians or students may seek access to and correction of their personal information held by the School and make a complaint about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles (including how the School will handle the complaint).

If you have any questions about how the move to Compass and CED3 will impact the handling of your (or your child’s) personal information, please contact the Principal of your child’s school.

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